Thursday, April 9, 2009


It's been quite some time since I sat here, typing in front of my laptop...writing down my thoughts.
April 9, 2009... Maundy Thursday... I'm at home..enjoying the last few hours of my day off.
By tonight, I would have to get up and be ready for another 5 day marathon of stress causing work. Not that I'm complaining...of course not. I mean...what is stress compared to what kids in the poorest part of the world experience?, where did that come from?

Yesterday, me and my Baby went to Manaoag. It was a unique experience...

It was not only a timely road-trip since it's Holy Week... it also reminded me a lot about things regarding what I should be thankful about.
I usually moan and bemoan about how hard work hard adult life is. But I forget the fact that I am actually living what most people would consider a dream life already. I have good education, my family's complete, I have a wonderful boyfriend... and I have a source of income. These are more than what most people would hope for...

I will then dedicate this post to all those who have realized that they have more than enough to be thankful for.

To Papa Jesus...salamat.


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